Eco-friendly Printing

At Minuteman Press Thornbury, we provide the best quality, cost-efficient recycled papers available in the Australian market. Our range of recycled paper stocks have impeccable environmental credentials as they are all 100% recycled and heavily utilise post-consumer waste. Two of our most popular recycled stocks are described below.


  • EcoStar (100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste) - White Uncoated / Silk Coated: Unlike some other recycled papers, EcoStar has the smoothest, whitest finish. This bright white paper with outstanding environmental credentials will offer the printability, brightness and durability of white virgin fibre papers. This comes in uncoated or coated finish, depending on what paper finish you want to achieve.
  • Envirocare (100% recycled, 75% post-consumer waster / 25% pre-consumer waste) - Off White Uncoated: This is an uncoated recycled paper feautring a warm, off-white natural white shade. This raw yet elegant paper is speckle free, delivering high-quality print results including rich solids and sharp detail. Envirocare 100% Recycled offers excellent opacity and is suitable for all your general printing requirements.


Along with recycled paper options, we also use dry toners for our digital printing. Dry toners are regarded as a more environmentally friendly and affordable way to print because the toner is non-toxic and also highly efficient in terms of transfer rates onto paper, reducing the amount of waste. Digital printing requires less setup than offset printing, which means less waste, and it is also a faster and more cost-effective printing method.

Listed below are a number of other measures that we take to reduce our environmental footprint and employ a more environmentally sustainable production process.


  • Because we are a Fuji Xerox site all our waste toner bottles and old machine parts are collected by Fuji Xerox in recycling bins. The waster toner bottles and most of the machine parts are then refurbished for further use, whilst the remaining parts are recycled.
  • All our paper offcuts are collected in waste paper bins that are then emptied by Australian Paper Recovery and used to produce recycled paper. None of our paper is disposed of as general waste for landfill.
  • Our Production Room and Offices have been converted to LED lighting to reduce our power consumption.
  • We do not use any chemicals that would negatively impact the environment. Specifically, there are no hazardous chemicals used in our printing processes including solvents or wet inks of any description, particularly those containing petrochemicals.


Please call (03) 9484 4951 or email to discuss your next project utlilising one of our industry-leading recycled papers.