Booklet Printing for Melbourne

Whether it’s for a conference, your new product range or an event, booklets are the perfect way to convey information in an effective, professional manner.

At Minuteman Press, we’re able to design and print booklets for a wide range of purposes – in fact, we’re really only limited by your imagination. Using quality stock and inks, our state of the art printers are able to produce professional looking booklets that won’t break the budget.

We can work with smaller consignments (for example, 100 copies), yet we also have the capacity to deal with larger print runs of 5,000 copies or more. Need your work in a hurry? You’ll be pleased to know that we offer fast turnaround times in most cases; in fact, some print runs can be completed in as little as three days from the date of order. While we’re firmly focussed on quality, we also pride ourselves on the fact that our rates are very affordable – browse our product pages today to see for yourself!

If you’re looking for a company that provides booklet printing in Melbourne, Minuteman Press is your leading choice. We’re happy to help, whether you’re a business in need of a large print run, or an individual who simply needs a couple of copies printed.


What type of booklets can we print?

As mentioned above, we’re able to produce booklets in all shapes and sizes to suit virtually any purpose. To date, we’ve printed event programs and guides, conference guides, product and service information booklets and tourist guides – just to name a few!

We’re able to offer both digital and offset printing options, which are suited to differing requirements.

Digital printing, as the name suggests, involves printing from a digital-based image. How does this printing method actually work? Well, the ink or toner is printed onto the surface (generally paper), forming a very thin layer. With this type of printing, the ink doesn’t actually permeate the surface. Often, the ink or toner is further adhered to the surface via a UV curing process or a fuser fluid. Digital printing generally costs a little bit more to print per page; however the cost is balanced out due to the reduced labour requirements. Therefore, it’s ideally suited to small quantities. If you’re after a smaller print run in a hurry, our digital printers can produce high quality results in no time at all.

On the other hand, larger print runs (where economy is important) are generally best produced via our offset printers. Offset printers work by transferring the inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket, which is then applied to the printing surface (in this case, paper). This method is more laborious to begin with, as the printing plates need to be created (for each colour required) before production can begin. As you can imagine, this does take time. However, even though it takes a little longer preparation wise, this method is cheaper for larger runs since the print cost per page is low once the plates have been created. Our offset printers use four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), and the three primary colours are combined with the black ink to produce a full spectrum of colours with exceptional colour consistency.

Both our digital printing and offset printing options are available in full colour and black and white.

Our booklets can be printed in a wide range of sizes (including A6, A4 and A3), and we offer a wide range of different paper types to choose from. These include gloss paper (113gsm - 200gsm), silk paper (113gsm - 200gsm), uncoated smooth paper (100gsm -150gsm), recycled paper (80gsm - 140gsm) and premium laser paper (120gsm.

Graphic design services

Here at Minuteman Press, we provide our customers with two options when it comes to booklet design and artwork.

Customers are more than welcome to upload their own designs for us to print – however we also offer graphic design services for those who are short on time or stuck for ideas. Our graphic designers are highly skilled and possess a keen eye for detail, so you can rest assured their work will appear not only professional, but also perfectly suited to the occasion. If you’re after an end-to-end service, this really is the ideal option.

If you have something in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re more than happy to discuss your vision in order to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the finished product.

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Offering the perfect combination of quality and affordability, Minuteman Press is your leading choice when it comes to booklet printing in Melbourne. Catering to virtually any need, we’re committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring 100% satisfaction.


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